About Company


EXO ENERGO s.r.o. is a company that deals with electrical installations. It offers high voltage (HV) electrical wiring from 1kV, low voltage (LV) to 1kV and weak-current systems. It also offers the construction and operation of local distribution networks (LDN).


Offered services

Electrical installation

1)    High Voltage (HV) from 1kV up to 35kV

            Earth distribution of HV cable sets.

            Installation of cable carrier systems.

            Implementation of HV substations, transformer stations and switching stations.


2)    Low voltage (LV) to 1kV

           Connections of LV, earth cables distribution of LV, relocation lines of LV.

           Installation of LV distribution of buildings, substations.

           Deliveries of switchboards, light fittings, ending elements of the electrical installation, backup sources (UPS, DA).

           Complete electrical installation of LV buildings: warehouses, production, logistic halls and administrative buildings.


3)    Weak-current systems

            Complex supply of weak-current systems:

                      Electrical fire signalization (EFS),

                     Electrical security signalization (ESS),

                      Closed Circuit Television (CCTV),

                      Structured cable network,

                      Antenna systems,

                      Evacuation radio, Sound systems.