About us

The company EXO ENERGO s. r. o. is a company that deals with electrical installations. It offers high voltage (MV) wiring from 1kV, low voltage (NV) to 1kV and low current systems.

Offered services:


1) High voltage (HV) from 1kV to 25kV

  • Ground distribution of HV cable sets.
  • Installation of cable support systems.
  • Implementation of MV substations, transformer stations and switching stations.

2) Low voltage up to 1kV

  • LV connections, LV ground cable distribution, LV line relocations.
  • Installation of LV distribution buildings, substations.
  • Deliveries of switchboards, luminaires, wiring terminals, backup power supplies (UPS, DA).
  • Complete wiring of LV buildings, technological, warehouse, production logistics halls and administrative buildings.

3) Weak current systems

  • Complex deliveries of low-current systems:
  • electric fire alarm (EPS),
  • electrical security alarm (EZS),
  • camera systems (CCTV),
  • structured cable distribution,
  • antenna systems,
  • evacuation radios, room sound system,
  • uniform time systems.